Monday, June 8, 2015

Investigation of platform dependency with game platforms


Okay so to start with I'll talk about Independent and dependent platforms and what it means to be either.
Dependent platforms are those who's software applications only run under a certain operating system or in one type of computer. For instance Mac OS will only run on Macintosh hardware and the same with Windows only working on PC hardware.
 Games consoles work much the same as they have games that will only work for the console they're made for, so things like PS4 games wont work on Xbox One games and vise versa.

Independent platforms however are the opposite, so these applications can run in multiple operating systems. Programming applications like Java or HTML are both easy examples because as they can be run on multiple systems and they are recognised on a wide scale and it.      

Cross Platform Games are games which are released on multiple consoles, for example Rockstar released GTA V across various platform which were PC, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PS3 and also is accessible on iOS on iPhone.
GTA is a recent game which is cross platform but its range is not as vast as some, for instance Myst which has been released on
Mac OS,  Sega SaturnPlayStation, 3DOMicrosoft WindowsAtari Jaguar CD, CD-i, AmigaOSPlayStation PortableNintendo DS, iOS and Nintendo 3DS. So Not only are cross platform games over consoles they're also moved onto portable devices like handhelds and Mobile Phones.  

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the different dependencies with platforms.  
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